Push/pull workout advice

  1. Push/pull workout advice

    Gonna be doing a chest/back split monday wed Nd fri.
    Shoulders/legs/abs tues thurs sat.
    Any advice on sets and reps? I dont know the amount i should do

  2. You are not only using the shoulder joint 6 days a week, but involving it in a pushing motion 6 days a week. I just see this as a really really poor idea, that will lead to overuse injuries.


  3. maybe you should find a proven program that will help you reach your goals. lets start with, what are your goals?
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  4. yuck, i see some shoulder problems in your future with that routine. try an upper/lower split instead, and add another rest day. or better yet, depending on your experience, 5/3/1 or SS.

    good luck

  5. Just to be different, ill even go with the fact your are not really allowing much time for recvoery between workouts, one full day rest is not really enough for a big muscle group.

  6. ok everybody first off thanks for the feedback.
    Heres my stats:
    im 5'10
    lifting experience 4 years
    weight 188
    bodyfat 6 percent

    The reason im taking this route is because i have definitely plateaued. I lift hard when i go in the gym. I actually ran a methadrol log recently so you can go there to check all my workouts. I know what i am doing in the weight room. I have tried switching up rep ranges diff exercises every lift and nothing! no change. My diet is super clean. I live the lifestyle of bodybuilding i dont just work out. I figured the day that i do push workouts those muscles will be resting on back and leg day plus the actual rest day. I was doing a steady chest/back/shoulders/arms/legs/rest/rest routine. I want to try now to target the muscle groups twice per week. I hope that farther clears things up. Please any advice is greatly appreciated

  7. http://*******/Vbe0WF

    shabam! all your questions answered.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  8. chest and back on same days is not something i would recommend. Unless you can only hit the gym twice a week or something


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