5 weeks in 11lb gain

  1. 5 weeks in 11lb gain

    5 weeks into the Deluxe Muscle building plan and Im back up to 200lbs. Granted I did have some muscle memory working for me but I still think that is decently impressive. And Im still fitting into my 34waist. This is all natural too I'm not even taking creatine. Things would probably be going better if I could get more than 4-5 hours of sleep but since I crashed my car I have to take the bus to Denver everymorning (60 miles).
    The only weird thing is my pulse is really low my RHR was at 54 this morning. What do you think Bobo is that something I should be concerned about? My strength is still increasing so I dont think it is overtraining.

  2. That just might be normal for you. Its usually referred to as a "runners" heart. My father is very similar. Rarely is he ever above 60 bpm.
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  3. Wow 11 pounds, that's great !!!

  4. Ya..That number isn't quite low enough to be alarmed. HR and the adaptations to endurance training is practically all you study your first semester in an E+P program.

  5. Oh yea, almost forgot-




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