Ok my right arm is way bigger than my left arm. With every workout I do I can only feel it in my right arm even if I use perfect form. For example, today I was benching and making sure i kept the bar perfectly straight. After 1 set, my right arm was swole, sore, hard and vascular. Especially in my bicep which benching doesn't work. My left arm felt nothing at all. No pump, no soreness, nothing. I couldn't possibly have better form even if I tried. I feel like its only a matter of time before my right arm is awkwardly bigger than my left. I wanna fix this but Ive been trying for years now and couldnt. So I went to the orthopedic doc. about this and she told me that it's simply because im right arm dominant and it really wont affect what kind of workout im getting on both arms. I feel like she is wrong because that cant be. Why would just the fact that my right arm is dominant make it get a better pump? If anything wouldnt the weaker arm get a better pump? makes no sense. She also measured my arms and said they were the same exact size in centimeters. What she said makes no sense because my right arm is way bigger I've had people tell me and its obvious even if I dont flex.