Need some fresh, new chest workouts...

  1. Need some fresh, new chest workouts...

    Here are the workouts I usually do for chest:
    -Barbell Bench press: I do a 5 week build up for bench press. I start week 1 with 5 sets of 10-15 reps, week 2 will be reps of 8-10, week 3 will be reps of 5-8, week 4 will be reps of 2-6, week 5 is my max out week then I start everything over.

    -Incline Dumbbell alternating: I do basically do 21s with Incline Dumbbell bench. I start with my arms extending then alternate 7 reps each side then do 7 both arms. Usually 4 sets of this.

    -Flat dumbbell bench press: I like to keep this high rep for volumizing my chest. I aim for reps of 10-15.

    -Weighted Dips: I'll do 5 sets. I'll work my way up to 90 lbs for 10 reps then take the weight off and max out.

    -Flat dumbbell fly: I really try to stretch my chest out and aim for reps of 15.

    I have been basically doing this same routine for a year now and I really need to add more size and volume to my chest. My chest is relatively compact and I am looking to widen it.

    Does anyone have any good suggestions?


  2. Incline Fly with DB or cables
    After a year off, I'm back

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