Okay, so. Short back story. Multi directional dislocation of the SI joint, one or several pinched nerves, bad/long duration muscle spasm/tighteness, fractured vertebrae (low back, wasn't told which one). From football/previous injury sprinting, and probably led up to by a torn hamstring that was performing different than the other. One of the weirdest injuries I have ever heard of. Wrecked my life, my lifting career, my sports career. Saw the doc, back specialist, PT, 2 chiros. None of them helped a TON. I took it into my own hands and used what I knew to get myself healed and back on track. Here I am just over a year later, at what I would judge as around 90% recovered. Problem is I have somewhat chronic back pain/ tightness in the si joint area, into the buttock, hip flexor, piriformus, sometimes left testicle, and on occassion will make my left ham sore. Way way better than it used to be, my back actually can support itself and I can do daily things, I can run, I start sprinting again two months ago, I can deadlift on occasion with mild to no pain, I can squat with little pain or no pain depending on the day, I can do nearly everything I could before. but sometimes it will flare up and feel like hell. My right "thoraculumbar fascia" aka lower back is quite large and musclar and thick. My left (injury) side feels like it belongs to a 120 pound 14 year old.

I need to get my left side and my whole core strengthened again. I need my left lower back to be proportional to the right, so my body is "correct". I don't need another injury because of imbalance I didn't address. I do lighter and lower weight work, but it doesn't seem to cut it. I can't split the load to only the left side. my right side just ends up bearing all of it. I also have to make sure to not grow to fast because the muscles/nerves seem to "tighten up" when I start working too much, and especially if I hit my core. I will have chronic back pain that I can only relieve by doing my old PT stuff, and stretching my hams and back religiously. I know there is a way to fix what is wrong with me, even though SI dysfunction is relatively new and my instance of injury was very servere. If anyone can recommned any exercises, specific stretches, anything, that could help I would appreciate it. I have already done, learned and tried a ton of stuff. But there is always a chance I can find something new and beneficial.

Any exercise I can use to iso one side of the lower back would be cool. I can't seem to figure anything out that I can do in my gym.