Strength/Size loss while on active duty

  1. Strength/Size loss while on active duty

    I have been hitting the gym hard for 3 years or so making great gains in both size and strength. when i started back up i was benching 190lbs or so 5 times max. through the past few years ive managed to increase that particular weight to just over 350 lbs for a 1RM. i have been away from the gym for about 3 months due to different military asainments this summer. and as expected my size/strength has drastically decreased in my oppinion. i now am only benching around 330 lbs and i feel like me body is over all much smaller. where i was pounding 140 lb DB presses i am struggling with 120 lbs DB's.
    to some this might not be much to complain about because it is still a good amount of weight. but to anyone who has ever worked hard to get certain weight (for me it was the 350 bench) knows how devistating it can be when you are back 20-30 lbs from where you were months pror.

    any advise to how i can get what i had back?

    my chest day WO is as follows:

    Flat bench - 4 sets @ 5-6reps
    Incline bench - 4 set @ 5-6 reps
    Flat DB press - 4 sets @ 5-6 reps
    Decline DB press - 4 sets @ 5-6 reps
    Decline bench - 4 sets @ 5-6 reps
    CL1 press - 4 sets @ 5-6 reps
    Pec fly - 4 sets @ 5-6 reps
    Dips - 4 sets @ AMAP

  2. First of all thank you for your service. Might not be what you want to hear, but you need to do what you did before to make the gains, and give it time. I've lost months out of the gym for personnel reasons, strenght, and size suffered dreadfully. But it seemed to come back much faster then the gains took the first time around. Keep diet on point and lift hard you'll be back to your old self in no time.
    Lift Hard, Love Long, and Live Happy

  3. i know man. its an obvious answer. but i already knew the answer. it just sucks balls ya know. ill ger er done and get back to beast mode again.. i hope

  4. same way you went from 190 for 5 to 350 for 1. No difference. it should come pretty quick with muscle memory. Advice would be dont neglect heavy weighted dips. Direct corelation to chest presses

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