The routine that worked best for you.

  1. The routine that worked best for you.

    Hey all,

    So I am wondering, as different routines work for different people, what routine worked best for you and was able to provide the best results for you?

  2. ive never followed a dedicated routine, just did alot of trial and error to find what works for me best
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  3. 5/3/1 is amazing. Alot of people will agree with me. Do it properly and give it time. Youll make amazing gains!

  4. Wake up, train , shower...go to school...actually do my homework and pay attention instead of just being a smart-ass-know-it-all-against-PhDs-teaching-class, going home, eating , eating again....and one more time...shower and bed-repeat cycle.

    Oh we mean serious....

    5/3/1 Dave tate periodization bible with my personal mix of it with Boring but big assistance works and the proper diet according to my current goals. Diet is IMHO 10x more important than supplementation and training.
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  5. I have had my best results with a 5x5 (I think I must respond very well to lots of squatting). But I think I milked it almost as far as I can and am doing the 5-3-1 with the triumvirate accessory template and thats also working well. I did tweak the accessory movements a bit to address my personal needs.

  6. Conjugate periodization
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  7. Dropping accessory exercises for more compound lifts was the best change I ever made. My current workouts are based on big heavy movements almost exclusively. Only on my light days do I do secondary exercises.

  8. to me this is a trick question. there is a relationship between intensity, volume, and frequency. change one and the others must change. to make it more complicated, one recovery ability changes over time so you can handle more of all of them. so any program you are on unless it builds in progression taking into account increased workout capacity and increased strength output cannot be optimal.

    one could also add in the idea of beliefs. after training people for years i noticed that if someone did not believe in the program they would half ass it and therefore get sub optimal results. it was not the training but the trainee that was sub optimal.

    throw in nutrition and sleep patterns and we get an entire new set of complications. as in you may have a great program, and a trainee that puts in the work but they sleep like crap and eat like crap. they can and may see some gains for some time but they will not be optimal.

    there is even a fringe idea that even if what you do seems optimal, is it? you dont really know without trying something else. and how long do you try it out? did the previous program hurt or help you?

    now it is not so daunting as i make it sound. IMO as long as you see results, and you are happy with those results, and can maintain those results and the progress then you are optimal enough.

    as for what i have done that has helped for whatever goals i may have had over the years, well it was whatever i did consistently and intensely with enough sleep and food.

    i will have to say my current goals are to compete in powerlifting and IMO my gains in the year since i started that training have been greater then any other training, besides my high school sports and i had a coach for that. i currently follow the westside template. i would love to say its the conjugate method but i wonder if the russian ideal of the conjugate method is what westside really does. but we can save that for another day. either way i am hardly changing my lifts and still progressing quite well IMO.

    to further my thoughts on the westside template it is just that, a template. you have 2 DE days (1 upper and 1 lower), 2 ME days (1 upper and 1 lower), and 4 RE days (2 upper and 2 lower). i have recently been doing extra work adding in plyo/reactive work. i do lower body on upper body days and upper on lower body days. so one can say i am doing full body work 4 days a week. to me that is the beauty of westside. i have recently been relating it to the jeet kune do of lifting. i still believe conjugate would be even more accurate to that analogy. i am separating conjugate from westside based upon views from professor verkhoshansky. i am big believer of his views and he states westside is not conjugate. now i will admit i would love to find out more before i finalize an opinion, but for now i see similarities and am undecided which way to sway.
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  9. Westside might even be better called a philosophy moreso than a template.

    My best results came from following DC training. It's something I'll go back to if I stall, but right now I'm employing conjugate training, trying my best to do things in a logical manner and seeing how that goes.
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  10. Can you explain this a little further? give examples. i am a little confused as to what the difference is and why one is more benificial that the other

    Quote Originally Posted by rw357 View Post
    Dropping accessory exercises for more compound lifts was the best change I ever made. My current workouts are based on big heavy movements almost exclusively. Only on my light days do I do secondary exercises.

  11. 5 by 5, Strong lifts modified. Good slow steady gains and with the progressive loading each work out I always walked out of the gym feeling like I was making progress, and I was even if it was only 5lbs or one more rep.
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  12. When I was younger 20 rep squats and GOMAD. Now probably 5-3-1, with micro plates. West side style worked decent for me also but doesn't fit that well with my goals now.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Seabee1507 View Post
    Can you explain this a little further? give examples. i am a little confused as to what the difference is and why one is more benificial that the other
    I think he means he dropped isolation lifts moreso than accessory, although often times accessory lifts are more isolation-based (but not always!).

    So a day might be devoted to the bench, and then instead of moving on to lat bar pulldowns, different tricep extension and rope tricep pushdowns, he probably does dips, pullups, and db rows, which involve more of the body than the aforementioned.

    Or on a squat or deadlift day, he might do one or both of those movements, and instead of doing the leg curls/leg extensions/back extensions, he'll do some good mornings or stiff leg deads or GHRs, which again involve more muscle groups.
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  14. I am following my daily routine and i think evening walk is my best routine work.

  15. I've seen by best mass/strength gains with a 10/8/6 rep progression. Dedicated days for shoulders, legs, chest/bi's, back/tri's. I bench/squat/deadlift every week and work my ancillary isolation movements around the big three. Shoulder days, I rotate between military press and Arnold's each week as my main exercise.

    I love to pyramid compound movements and I love supersets for isolation exercises.

    Hope this helps.


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