Cardio and core

  1. Cardio and core

    Need some help guys, do 30 minutes of cardio everyday off day on Sunday I do 45 minutes to an hour. Just started recycle and Dpol on its way I don't eat core other than what I get from General exercise. How much cardio core do I need to do soethin because my midsection needs help a lot of body fat there I know you can spot reduce but diets good, chicken rice, Turkey, fish pretty clean.?????

  2. Cardio does not make you lose weight, diet does. Are you tracking your total intake and comparing that to your TDEE? If not, then there is your problem.

  3. Alright I'm a little old school your going to clue me in it's been a lot of years since I did aloyheavy lifting like this..... like 20.... Sorry to seem so stupid

  4. Don't get me wrong I lost like 20 pounds but still you know chicken rice and Turkey in tuna.... Has been my diet occasionally I'll have a junk day.. I was over $200 about 205 now I'm about 180 178... Definitely made some games like the last 3 months but haven't really been on any kind of hard stuff...bulasterone, creatine and protein

  5. looks good actually. Make sure water intake is high



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