explosive dealt workout

  1. explosive dealt workout

    Lately ive hit a plateau in my shoulders..just wanted to share my workout from today that really shocked my dealts..

    Db seated shoulder press 3*6-10 ( decent weight focused on form)
    Side laterals 3*8-12 ( last set drop set with light weight to failure)

    Ez bar front raise 3*8-10( less weight good form)
    Ez bar upright rows 3*8-10

    Rear delt machine 3*10-12

    Bb shrugs 3*6-12 ( last set heavy but good form)

    I like this workout i really got that pump i havent felt in a while

  2. looks like a similar style delt workout i would do. I think it looks great man. Are you saying your hitting plateus but still getting the shocked feeling from these workouts?

  3. Looks almost what I did today.

    Military press 4x 12,10,8,6 drop se
    Db laterals 4x 8-10
    Hammer shoulder press facing backward 4x 8-10
    Cable side lateral superset with bent over cable lateral 3x 8-10
    Shrugs 3x 10

  4. I do:

    Barbell shoulder presses (seated) 4sets 10reps
    Front delt raises (dumbell) 4sets 10reps
    Side lateral raises (machine) 4sets 10reps
    Rear delt extension (machine) 4sets 10reps
    Seated dumbell shoulder presses 4sets 10 reps

    Weights scale 1-2-3-2 (light, medium,heavy/failure,medium)

    Sometimes i switch up machine for dumbell or vice versa but this is the bones of it. Huge delt pumps and tons of growth over the last 6-8 months of this routine.
    You are your own maker. Train dirty.

  5. i would change it to:

    standing clean and press: 5x5

    Db seated shoulder press 5*8-10 ( decent weight focused on form)

    band pull aparts: 3x20

    Bb shrugs 3*6-12 ( last set heavy but good form)

    you need to make sure you at least drop the upright rows. those are hell on your shoulders. if you want to have them in a few years you may want to quit. like most people you probably do not need the front raises either.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  6. I dont get the obsession with front delt raises.. and the lack of rear delt movements. You guys realise that bench press & OHP (even more so with bad form) smash the s**t outta the front delts? Then you hit it with a front delt exercise again just to be sure and then do three lousy sets of rear delt exercises..

    Unless you work hard on pendlay rows or whatever, you'll end up with huge imbalances.


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