Crossfit training, somethig i found funny

  1. Crossfit training, somethig i found funny

    So as most know crossfit is the new craze. When I was coaching college athletics, one person in the athletic department was all over cross fit. Many coaches sent their athletes to her for sessions or to do their strength & conditioning in general.

    The other coaches and my self in the baseball program all agreed, we wouldn't put our athletes through those foolish workout (with baseball respect)

    Well the cross fit individual and I would get in many heated debates over the subject pertaining to baseball and crossfit functionality (I also feel cross fit is femanine but that's besides the point, I feel it has it's places for some athletes but limited)

    I just found out last week that one of my athletes took 2nd place at a larger cross fit event with ZERO cross fit training, straight baseball/bodybuilding training with minimal cardio exercise.

    I also have another athlete who took part in a few cross fit events and also did extremely well (was a guest at his gf cross fit gym, did it with her for couples stuff) he was 19, new to our program as the aforementioned athlete was a senior, 22, and been in the program for years.

    Just wanted to share, I thought it was hilarious.
    All my "bro science jargin" as it was put to me, actually proved efficient.
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  2. Much respect for your Athlete who was able (no surprise here) to beat all those CrossFitters without any problem whatsoever . I have no liking for their..."Practices" but I have come to a mature standpoint on it, where I firmly believe that Power Lifting is by far superior. Yet that's my personal opinion and shall in no way be taken seriously or as an insult to anyone.
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  3. I know what you mean. My physiological stand point is this, no matter how tired I am, when It comes to demanding movements like deads or example squats. I will always be able to rep out 225 better/faster/more efficient than a 165lb guy who's never had anything greater than 315 on his shoulders.

    I've done a cross fit workout and it is demanding. My athlete said he was def hurting after but, like he said, it all lasted 13minutes. My depletion workouts were 45minutes and I had zero rest between anything.
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