Lifting during football season

  1. Lifting during football season

    Most of you guys probablly seen my log and my strength gains this offseason. My question is how should i lift during football and by how much. I have football mon- thurs 3 to 5, games fri and sat and sun off.. I have access to a gym and i have alot of stuff at home. My diet is good, i have learnt, researched and got professional advice. I sleep 9-11hrs a night. Thanks for all advice guys/gals!

  2. Intensity up and volume down. Keep your compounds and olympics, if you do them, in the scheme of things. If you take them out and completely revamp what got you to where your at, you'll most likely begin to lose the high level of performance you have achieved in the offseason. Also I would add in balance/core stability training, if not already being implemented. Include proprioceptive stimuli to keep your reaction time and balance on point. Nothing is more important in football, than balance and reaction to various outside stimuli (ie. opposing team's linebacker). I'd Also work in conditioning in the various energy systems, speed, agility and foot work training, if not already being included or covered in practices. Listen to your body as you go, keep the volume down but the intensity high. Save the pr's for the offseason but keep on working. Good luck with your season, enjoy every minute of it.

  3. dude above is def. giving spot on advice. Flexibility is neglected often and is important for more than just injury prevention. unlock speed from your hips man

  4. Plan to lift 2-3 times per week with, as stated, high intensity and lower volume. Personally, I would lift Saturday, Monday, Wednesday or just Saturday and Tuesday. If you go w 3 days, keep the last day relatively light with plenty of mobility work to ensure you're not at all hindered Friday night. Almost more of an active recovery session. My two cents

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