2 Bumps on forearm after workout?

  1. 2 Bumps on forearm after workout?

    Does anyone know what these could be? Ive heard muscle which i doubt. And i've heard that it could be two veins crossing on top. Let me know just a bit worried, they only appear after a bicep/forearm workout. Thanks

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  2. Dont worry about it. I have one on my shin. I had been told it was veins crossing and when your BP goes up during training the bump pops out there. I dont really know though... I have had mine for years and I havent died yet so you should be good for at least a few more years lol. If your really freaked out just talk to your doc.

  3. Alright well thats actually pretty cool XD

  4. did you ever find out what the bumps are? I just finished an intense forearm workout and have the same 2 bumps on both arms.

  5. I imagine the bumps are mostly due to the increase of blood flow. Itís probably causing your veins to expand so more blood can rush to the muscle group.

  6. I have two in my left forearm that are similar but way more prominent and solid. I just assumed they were fat deposits.

  7. Could be the vein, or lipomas if they don't run along a vein.

  8. When you push on the bumps and massage, do they disappear?
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