Help me Explain This!!

  1. Help me Explain This!!

    Ok first off let me start this post by saying... I have not been able to do squats in 5 years. My senior year of high school, I stretched the front 2 ligaments in my shoulder to double their size, causing my shoulder to come out when I do anything behind my head. i.e. Squats, Behind Head shoulder Presses/Behind the Head Lat Pulldowns(I don't do these anyway cuz I know how bad they are to go in the back, but these are just an example). Anyway I recently realized that since I had put on 40 pounds of muscle, I had gotten slow. I was the same percentage of body fat as I was in high school - 7-10%, but I had gone from running a 4.3 40 yard dash, to barely pushing a 4.5. So I decided to try and do squats. Anyway I get down in the squat rack just waiting for my shoulder to slide out once I mount the weights, and after the first set of [email protected] (just a test weight to see how the shoulder was) it didnt slide out, or even get hung like it was about to come out. I upped the weight, went to 225 still nothing. Upped it again went to 315 still nothing. Upped it one last time and finished the exercise at 365 and my shoulder was sitll wroking properly.
    Now my theory is this... My traps had gotten big enough to where the bar didn't sit so far back on my shoulders causing the bad shoulder to be able to support it. Is this a valid theory? Or did my shoulder get strong enough to keep the joint inplace? Although my many anatomy classes seem to displace this theory. If anyone could think of a reason it stays in now when I do this exercise I would love to be informed of it.


  2. Who hates squats!?!?!

  3. my clients...

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  4. I love squats....except for the 1st time back after a long layoff. Nothing better than being able to progressively add 10 pounds to each workout and keep setting PR's.

    BTW, I'd kill to be able to "slow" down to a 4.5 40 yard dash!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    my clients...

    Not this one.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    I love squats....except for the 1st time back after a long layoff.
    I hear ya, Im usually sore for about 4 days after them, and deathly sore at that!

  7. My first leg workout under Bobo's plan made it almost impossible for me to sit on the toilet... oh wait, so did the second leg workout...
    Anyway, not sure why your shoulders are "good" but I'm glad to hear you're happy doing squats again... NOW GIVE ME 20 !!!

  8. I am no expert but I've known alot of people who had back problems to the point where it hurt to do most anything. But once they did some strength training and slowly increased their back muscle strength they were then able to function properly and not have the pain involved, not that it heals them but strengthens their muscles enough to support their back. I am one of those people, my back wasn't messed up that bad but before I bagan working out correctly I would often have back pain from an old accident (sliding down the freeway in a truck upside down is no fun don't try it lol)

    could this be the same type of situation?


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