APT Wrist Straps?

  1. APT Wrist Straps?

    Anyone have feedback on these straps? Are they worth the $25-$35 bucks?

    I've had a couple of the cheap cotton Valeo's, but I go through a set every 3-4 months because they end up tearing.

  2. I love them...use coupon code LIFE at checkout for 15% off
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  3. Thanks man. Ordered some 2" straps, yellow and black with custom lettering. Can't wait to get some sweat on them.

  4. they are ok, but their Customer Service has struggled recently. I just ordered new wraps from rhinopowergear, and love them more than any APT i have owned
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  5. I was actually talking about the lifting straps, not wrist wraps... I do like Rhino's site better, but they don't sell the lifting straps.

  6. a few of my training partners use APT wraps. they love em. i have elites and they are having a sale right now. something like 40 or so percent off.
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