shoulder / arm pain

  1. shoulder / arm pain

    ok my pain from over a month ago is still there. i have been off training now for about 1.5 wks and its still hurting. no where near as much but if i move my arm a certain way i can feel it..

    but its not my rotator anymore it feels like its where my shoulder and tricep meet almost. maybe a small tear or something im not sure.

    I'm using heat packs and everything.. I guess i might have to take another 2 wks off maybe.. not sure. better safe then sorry i guess.

    i went to the doc before my rotator stopped hurting and he gave me a slip of paper to get an xray but they wont show tissue damage.
    any suggestions?

  2. Rest and go see another DR for another opinion. Sometimes you really gotta let them know how much its bothering you.

  3. Dear Gabriel,

    The Xray will be useless cos if its a soft tissue injury, it will not show up. You need a proper evaluation of the shoulder girdle and the spine. Get a real doc to check the musculotendinous structures around the joints. When you hit the spot that suddenly makes you jump/cry/scream you will find your cause. Then and only then can you do something about it. Muscle testing/kinesiology is also a good tool to diagnose muscular problems.

  4. cool guys thanks..
    so for now better to lay off the weights though eh? (guess where im from eh) hehe

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