stubborn leg growth

  1. stubborn leg growth

    Ok..I have to admit my legs are my weakest body part. Not strength wise. But size wise. I am currently using layne Norton's p.h.a.t training.
    I have seen good strength gains in squats. Leg presses. And deads but not size. Same with my calves..any suggestions on a good shock for my legs

  2. Subbed. I'm curious too because while I can squat a decent amount of weight my legs are my smallest body part in relation to the rest of my body.

  3. Yea I know its frusterating..ive even started box equate to make sure form is good. Mabe I'm not stressing
    the slow twitch fibers

  4. it might be just genetic! Some guys have 22in arms, some guys cant get past 17in.

  5. Are you including the leg hypertrophy day? How are you going about it? I have to say the best gains I've seen as far as size on legs comes as a result of high reps and tut. Get under the bar and do sets of 20+ strict form, slow, deliberate reps on your squats. Check your ego at the door on this and don't be afraid to go as low as needed, weight wise, on these.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by benmayro
    it might be just genetic! Some guys have 22in arms, some guys cant get past 17in.
    That's a cop out, blame genetics. No, take a step back reevaluate what your doing, diet, training approach, goals, current progress, etc. With that information, make the necessary changes to keep moving forward toward your goal. If creating a physique is what your goal is, you need to train that way. If strength is your goal, you need to train that way, not worry about the size of your legs only the number they push.

  7. It isn't overly scientific but I have seen cyclists legs blow up in the gym. Do something completely opposite of what you've been doing for a while. Find a way to shock your legs for 6 weeks. Run bleachers, ride a bicycle till you can't feel your feet. Work on ways to force the most blood you can into them. Then, go back to working on some mass exercises.
    Training around a jacked up neck.

  8. Like NYiron said, HIGH rep squats! I average 5 sets of 20-25 reps! My thighs aren't huge, but well shaped. The lighter weights are also easier on your lower back.

  9. A famous BMX racer with awesome quads (Greg Hill for the curious) had a leg set he did once a week I think is what he said. You set yourself a 5 min time limit to do 100 reps with 135lbs. It's BRUTAL. Once you get to where you can do that consistantly, you can go up on either the weight or the reps. Good high volume exercize to get that blood flowin.
    Training around a jacked up neck.

  10. Yes i include hypertrophy days on sat...consist of either leg presses or squat...and then superset lunges with stiff legg deads...then end it with leg ext and calf raises..all reps no lower than 12 guys are right ill try higher reps..dont worry I'm not one of those ego monsters haha...form has always been is in key 40/40/20 ...lean protein..oatmeal..yams...baked potoe..rice...almonds...omegas ..pb...occasIonally whole milk...appriciate the advice guys

  11. Keep us in the loop, good luck!

    Edit: You could toss a century set of squats or rdls in there to shock the hell out of them.

  12. Will do...ill post sat workout see how it goes..3 sets. 20 reps sure ill be crawling out of the gym lol....


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