1. forearms

    Hey guys ,

    In 2 years of training , I have never really given any attention to my forearms.

    Does this affect my training ? and if so how ?

    I also find that my joints on both elbows are very weak , if i put tension on my elbow
    like in arm wrestling I feel a very sensitive pain in my elbow , maybe a muscle?

    Is this problem connected to lack of forearm trainng?

  2. Is the pain in your elbow your "funny bone"?

    I don't train forearms per se, but i do do various grip strength exercises. I was told by a knowledge able friend that it can lead to arthritis or tendinitis real fast.
    You are your own maker. Train dirty.

  3. my fore's are naturally big but i do use reverse grip curls....
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  4. Weak wrists are one thing, weak forearms are another... Weak wrists may mean that your wrists may collapse under heavy weights; weak forearms are just not aesthetic if your a body builder.

  5. It's more of a discomfort , it starts deep under the elbow and moves up the tendons on my forearm



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