I apologize if this should be in the "supplement/weight loss" section, but it is not a strictly weight loss question.

Parameters: 48 years old, bodybuilding off and on since age 15, currently 6'2", 250, with fat located primarily in trunk area of the body. After not working out for approximately 5 years because of personal/medical (no - not "hormone" related; gout/kidney stones and new job - gout/kidney stones were inherited, and are now under control, so assume these are no longer an issue), am back to working out as though a break never occurred.

Goal: to aid in trunk-fat loss, and after researching the issue THOROUGHLY (I have three degrees - I say this not to brag; I mention it only to illustrate that I am not a "stupid" or "ignorant" person who reaches out for the latest fad; I have been working out far too long to fall for such tactics), I have discovered three fat burning supplements that appear to have documented weight loss properties that survived double-blind studies.

1. 7-Keto - "derivative" of DHA, but without the androgenic side effects; have been taking them regularly for 2 weeks - have lost about 3 pounds (not water weight), and am past the "shakes/anxiety/insomnia". [quite common and "old", so no link provided]

2. Recreate - USPLabs product that acts as a thermogenic, but supposedly does not have the same side effects as the usual anxiety-causing weight loss compounds.

3. Green coffee bean extract - very new product, but appears to act in a thermogenic fashion without the anxiety-causing side effects.

I would have posted links to Nos. 2 and 3, but forum rules prohibit linking with my low number of posts. Googling them will result in quick finds.

Question: Does taking ANY of these types of weight loss products IMPAIR or IMPEDE the goal of rebuilding muscle mass that was once present?

In other words, does anyone think any of the above products will "compete" with the body's ability to build muscle mass because some mass-building "properties" - whether it be nutritional or metabolic - will be diminished by the use of those products so that rebuilding muscle mass will be slowed in any manner?

I realize at at age 48, my metabolism is simply not what it was 20 years ago where weight loss was never a problem for me (I was always mesomorph with a slight lean to the ectomorph side). I do NOT mind going about this slowly, but I also would like some "help" if the "help" does not hurt.

Hope the above makes sense.

Thanks ahead for any replies. I sincerely appreciate any input.