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    Hi, im new so please b nice :-)

    I am a big fella that used to work out but got lazy once i got married :-) I am 6 foot 1 and weigh 150kgs. I work in a warehouse role that has heaps of heavy and fast paced lifting (boxes and stock), so i am not a pure fat slob. I got a LOT of strength and power in me, but all covered in fat. Long sory short, i joined a gym to get rid of my fat but need help. I am doing the cardio machines and eating clean and very strict but 6 weeks into it, nothing has changed in my weight. I was told on other forums that i should use supplements as an assistant. Now, i have been told to go with ANDRO-LEAN or ANAVAR. I live in Sydney, Australia, meaning this stuff is impossible to get, unless u know the right ppl. Which i don't. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Remember, I'm a noob, so please be nice :-)

    A normal day at the gym:

    30 minutes on the ELLIPTICAL TRAINER machine.
    5km (Equates to 30mins) on the ROWING MACHINE.

    I was told no weights workout.

    Thank you all in advance.

  2. What was the reasonings behind no weight training?

  3. Welcome to the forum! You don't need steroids to reach your goals. What's your current nutrition plan look like? I'm not a fan of the elliptical, but the rower is great, maybe add in a step machine or versa climber if you have that available. Also add in a weight training program. You'll find resistance training will help you reach your goals quicker. Supplement wise get some staples: Whey , multi vitamin, fish oil and a good thermogenic. One of my favorites is USPlabs Recreate. I used it on my last cut with Compound 20 and Anabolic-Pump and saw incredible results. I was able to lose fat and my strength actually increased.

  4. Thanks for the info guys. The reason for no weights training, as i was told, it gains weight... Muscle... It doesnt help with fat loss so i was told by the gym staff member :/

    The only machines available at the gym are the the ones mentioned previouslymalong with spin bikes and treadmills.

    Breakfast I have oats and a protien shake with 1 raw egg.

    Take my drugs: Multivitamins, KRILL OIL Caps, enzyme caps, pro biotics caps, macca root caps and my horrible spirulina powder mixed with orange juice.

    Lunch would b a salad or a can of tuna with gluten free bread and baby spinach leaves.

    Snack might be some yoghurt with chia seeds or a low gi meusli bar

    Dinner is usually a salad or chicken and grilled veggies in coconut oil.

  5. Hi thanx for the reply. I was told no weights training because it doesnt help with weightloss. It adds muscle... Advised by the Gym trainer.

    Onli cardio machines available atm are the ones i mentioned previously, along with spin bikes and treadmills.

    I have oats for bfast with protien shake and a raw egg.
    Take my drugs: krill caps, multi vitamins, pro biotics, digestive enzymes, macca root caps and spirulina drink.

    Lunch is usualy a salad or can tuna and gluten free bread with spinach leaves.

    Snack could be yoghurt with chia seeds or low gi meusli bar.

    Dinner is usually chicken breast with veggies grilled in coconut oil.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by NYiron View Post
    What was the reasonings behind no weight training?
    ya really. weight training can assist as much if not more to fat loss and not just for burning calories during the workout but burning calories all day.

    it has been shown that the increase in caloric need after cardio can gp up for a few hours while after weight lifting it can go up for 12-48 hours.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  7. You are going right.When you eat healthy food along with daily exercise.But you do not get positive results.There may be some internal disorder in your health.I suggest you to concerned with your physician he guides you in a good way.


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