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Muscle Shock

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    Muscle Shock

    I've been lifting for a year now and I've been doing the normal 3 sets of 8-12. But I have read to shock your muscles by either doing 2-4 reps or 20-30 reps. Is it ok to do 2 sets of 25 reps? I want to make my muscles uncomfortable.

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    Muscles response to imposed demands. They can be made "uncomfortable" and forced to grow simply by adding weight or repetitions. My advice to you is to change your routine with a purpose in mind. Training in a more traditional strength range of less than 8 repetitions going all the way down to singles, form permitting, will further force adaptation, albeit different than your 25 rep example. Name a goal- learn how to train for that specific goal (not making muscle uncomfortable)- train for that goal.
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    a good program will have a built in progression so you can stay on it for years. the progression is enough to "schock" the muscle to continue to adapt. this can be as simple as upping the weight a few lbs each week. deloading when progress stalls. then going forward again. in other words it doesnt have to be so dramatic.

    usually the dramatic over the top shock muscle programs are written in bodybuilding mags so they can sell more issues. not saying it wont do anything. it just likely wont do as much as you think it will.
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    more sets more reps!

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