Need some advice

  1. Need some advice

    Is it better to stretch before you go to the gym ..?
    Will stretching before increase my lifting and help me put up more weight ..?

  2. To many different opinions out there i find a active mobility warm up works for me.

    Im trying a routine of burbees/med ball slams and some mobility drills now before hand to warm up(i train at 6am though)afternoon or eve you'll actually be more warmed up then youy think.Warm up sets do this to a point also.

  3. its a fact that static stretching can lower power output of a muscle for 12-24 hours. so stretch after you lift.

    if you are stiff while warming, up do some foam rolling. even some dynamic stretching. save the static to after the lifting session.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  4. Yep, static stretching before is not a good idea. I think dynamic warmups are a must though. If you google dynamic warmups you will find some good videos and things you can do for a dynamic warmup. Once im not on my phone I will try and come back and link some in here for you too

  5. Thanks you guys

  6. Warming up properly will help you lift more. I don't even think that stretching has ever been used to BENEFIT performance, its more for injury prevention than a performance enhancer. Also to increase flexibility


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