I have had some niggling shoulder sensations for the last couple of months so got an ultra sound and this is hat they found....

All rotator cuff tendons appear normal and intact. There is a small amount of fluid seen in the left subdeltoid-subacromial bursa in the area of the supraspinatus tendon. Small amount of fluid seen round mid portion of left bicep tendon. No Doppler activity.

Mild tendinosis of left bicep.
Mild bursitis of the left subdeltoid-subacromial bursa.
Normal sonographic appearance of right shoulder.

I am going to take about a month off from shoulder work and chest work and probably do pushups to maintain as much strength as possible, I will also squat and deadlift while trying to loose some weight. I also plan to ice the tendon areas as much as I can and use high strength devils claw, fish oil and super cissus to try and help the healing of the tendon as much as possible.

I have a rehab assessment with a chiropractor next week to see if any kind of rehab will be needed, reading the report does it look like I could go back to pressing in a month or so? Am I missing anything else to help speed up the healing process.