Should I Train 7 Days a week?

  1. Should I Train 7 Days a week?

    Right now im doing MWF full body and T TH SAT cardio. On sun i dont train and have a cheat night like beeer and pizza. But i always gain like 1.7lbs and feeel supper guilty. Would adding a 7th day of training and dropping my cheat meal be a good idea or bad idea?

  2. Even if you feel like your body can physically handle training 7 days a week, your CNS definitely needs at least one day off per week. As far as your cheat day, maybe just cut that back to one night every other week or once a month if it really makes you feel that guilty.

  3. Take a different day off when you can eat clean or do your cheat day on one of your lifting days. As far as 7-days/week, listen to your body, you'll know right away by your energy levels, recovery time, quality of sleep, etc... as long as you keep that day low-intensity, should be good to go

  4. this is a hard question to answer as it depends on what exactly you are doing, the volume and intensity and your recovery ability.

    this whole idea of feeling guilty due to a cheat meal makes you think your goals are aesthetic. i could be wrong but bear with me. read up on carb backloading. think of it as a daily cheat according to beer and pizza line of thinking but it actually helps you get leaner and grow muscle.

    back to the working out every day. if you are working out intensely enough then you dont need more frequency with a main workout. i see you are doing cardio 3 days a week plus your lifting. so your heart is getting worked 6 days a week. if you want a 7th try working on weak links with lots of volume, do some active recovery movements, prehab and mobility work. stuff like that to work out the kinks and help make the other days more productive. this can help you to not overwork, have a 7th day, and still get more out of it.
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    do your cheat day on one of your lifting days.

    And no, don't train daily.
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