home training vs gym training

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  1. home training vs gym training

    How many of you guys like training at home or do you think home training is waste of time ?

  2. All depends on the equipment at home.. like if i had a benchpress, squat rack and deadlifting platforn... i never leave my house, ever

  3. I wanted a garage gym really bad. Was gonna build a platform, get high quality squat rack and bench, pull up and dip stations. Then I realized my ceiling was too low and scrapped the idea.

  4. i love it. but i do have quite a bit of equipment. so that helps. before i got my cage i hatted working out at home.
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  5. home training is ace cant beat it

  6. i cant do home training. too easy to just quit, and i cant pull the trigger into go mode while im at home. something about being at the gym makes me work harder than anywhere else

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ThunderHumper View Post
    i cant do home training. too easy to just quit, and i cant pull the trigger into go mode while im at home. something about being at the gym makes me work harder than anywhere else
    i agree 100%....i find motivation in the gym...seeing other ppl killing it makes me want to work harder, plus how many random things can you pick up on watching other ppl train

    however sometimes i wish i had a home gym to get away from the d bags at the gym but that would take a serious home set up....i do have a few friends who say they get a good workout at home...but it's mostly p90x or kettlebell type training and thats not what i'm into
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  8. I think training at home is much better - assuming you have some basic equipment. Sure you might be motivated in the gym and also pick a few techniques or ideas, but IMO people are also distracted and derailed working out in the gym. It's also easy to get caught up in the competition or the appearance of what we're doing. When I work out at home I'm a sweaty, ugly, grunting, mess that can barely lift my arms (or whatever) when I'm done.

    I go to the gym 1-2 times a week depending equipment needs for the weeks routine (which changes weekly).

  9. I prefer a good gym. But most of the ones by me have turned into Planet Fatness or similar jokes of "gym". So I've gone the home gym route. Power rack, weights, bench and dip stand so far. Need a good set of dumbbells next. Takes a little more work to get into gym mode, but Im happy.

  10. Lol...I stopped by a Planet Gym with a friend as a guest; no cage or power rack! I walked out.

  11. I workout at home with a squat rack adjuatable bench chin/dip stand and bowflex dumbells. I like the fact that i can scream swear take my clothes off and noone cares. Also this way i can train any time of the day or night.

  12. Home gym. I find it easier to do all my mobility/stretching exercises in the comfort of my own home after my workout, given that many of them look rather amusing. But you do need to spend a bit to get it going. I bought a flat bench, incline with detachable rack for when I want to do reverse flys, back extensions etc., stability ball, medicine ball, bands, power rack, mat, Oly bar + normal 6ft bar, adjustable dumbells (ones with weight affixed are rather expensive and can be redundant after a month of training (natural progession etc.), Oly Weights + Iron + Rubber weights, dipping station, pull up station, belts and vests.

    Cost a bit to get set up, but in the long run i'll save a fortune on memberships haha

  13. gym has good equipment but i feel i work harder at home as you can do your sets quicker you can do what u want and i use you tube to learn new stuff

  14. Can't beat the equipment in a good gym and I tend to get in the zone much better than working out at home.

  15. At home I have a squat rack, smith machine, chin & bars but still prefer the gym. Don't have the motivation at home especially when it is summer and the gym is set up in my garage it's boiling hot, looking at a brick wall and kids ride past on the street. Much prefer the gym. I had a break from the gym for about 8 weeks then joined back at the gym!

  16. only thing i need for my home gym is a bench but got all my free wieghts and stuff its awsome

  17. I have a pretty decent garage gym, squat rack bench pull down station pull up bar dip station and some dumbbells and an ez bar and 300lbs of weights I worked out with that for my first six months of lifting and made great gains but when I started Plataeaing on strength it was hard te stay motivated so I joined a hole in the wall gym to get some new inspiration now I only use my home gym if I absolutely can't make it to the gym or If I have friends over who don't lift and wanna show them why they should lol but I can definitely say when I move and I can put my gym in the basement where it's not 100 degrees or 0 whatever it is outside I'll be lifting at home again and saving money

  18. I'd do both.
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  19. i can train anytime of day at home and do my sets without poeple takeing machines i want

  20. Sh#tty gyms around here, I'll take my gym any day...

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  21. ^^ Awesome. Especially those old-timey globe weights.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Power-Lift
    Sh#tty gyms around here, I'll take my gym any day...

    <img src="http://anabolicminds.com/forum/attachment.php?attachment****71 121"/>
    thats pretty tight. i never thought of how i would feel about home training if i got stuck with. ad gym hours cuz work, or ****ty gyms. im fortunate enough to get into my 24hour when its pretty empty

  23. just buy a wieght set and some plates i mostly free wieght anyway so i train free everyday now i bought my own set its cool

  24. Home gym rules

  25. I've gotta say gym training. Something about the pre workout rituals I've been doing for years. Home training never could match up for me compared to going into the gym, especially the hole in the wall I go to. There's something to walking through those doors.


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