1. Straps

    What kind of straps do you guys use? I'm looking into the Versa Grips. I've heard they are great. Any other suggestions?


  2. I have been hearing a lot about the W.O.W. straps. Never used them however
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  3. Just regular ole' Valeo with the stupid foam padding cut out.

  4. ^^^^*this, I'm too cheap to spend more than 15 bucks on straps

  5. I was going through a pair of the Valeo ones every year. They'd always shred from DB rows.
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  6. I just use a bit of chalk.

  7. Chalk and build your grip strength up.

  8. These have stood up to the test of time for me. I dont use them unless Im going really heavy and just simply can not hold it.
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  9. thanks for this ... my APT straps are finally wearing out and will be needing replacements soon

  10. Free staps I get from ordering $150 or more on supplements hahahahaha they do the job so yeah


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