Quick question on squats

  1. Quick question on squats

    For reasons I don't want to list, I haven't done squats in years. Recently, I have started doing these lever front squats (I can't post links, but its on exrx.net. It is the same movement as a squat, but the weight is more distributed on your shoulders and a "forward" angle compared to regular squats).

    How much less effective are those than regular squats?

    I also do deadlifts.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. less effective for what? as long as it helps you reach your goals then it is effective.
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  3. These don't appear to target many of the muscles in the posterior chain, except obviously the glutes. You'll have to do a lot of upper back work to compensate for the lack of practice you'll receive from using a machine. Your hamstrings and abductors will also need a lot of attention. I think if you just did good mornings alternated with RDLs or SLDLs (not regular deadlifts) from time to time you'd be ok.

  4. While I can't personally quantify how much less effective lever squats are to traditional squats, I can tell you for sure that lever squats are an inferior lift to "regular" squats. Back squats are the father of all lifts and should never be substituted, unless you are injured.
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  5. Thanks for the replies.

    As for why I don't do regular squats, I don't like the spine compression I get from using a bar. I have some back injuries and if I go to even like 60% 1RM, it still feels uncomfortable. With the way those lever squats spread the weight out on my shoulders, I can go much closer to 1RM. I should say, even though I don't lift legs as well, I am over balanced towards them. I know that doesn't make sense, but I just have massive legs naturally and a girly chest (not in a gyno kinda way).



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