Broken hand. Cast for 4 more weeks

  1. Broken hand. Cast for 4 more weeks

    Have bulked and gained a lot of mass and now I'm losing cause I can't lift. Should I cut or what do u think for keeping gains. Any excercises I could do? Please help I'm pissed that I am losing gains that took me forever to get

  2. I would just take the time off. The small bones in the hand sometimes don't heal right, and if you have problems like that you would be out a lot longer.

  3. Ya like what could I do to maintain or gain muscle?

  4. I can't say how well this would work for you, and I dont recommend lifting with your injury, but if I was in your position I know how I would be and I know this would be my go to. It's a pretty interesting piece of equipment and I believe it will be my next investment, it's called the isolator. Google isolator fitness this could be a very viable option to keep you from losing your hard earned gains. Best of luck and I hope for a full recovery.

  5. Don't worry about it too much. With muscle memory you'll gain it back pretty quickly even if you do lose some.



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