In your oppinion, best fat burning workout

  1. In your oppinion, best fat burning workout

    Im currently running hiit 3x's a week. What have you guys found to work best for you?

  2. Tabatas have worked well for me in the past. Or even fasted LISS I've seen great results with. Most of your fat loss results will come from your diet. How's your HIIT training working for you so far?

  3. I prefer HIIT over steady cardio because I seem to lose weight easier and faster.
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  4. I think a mix of HIIT and steady cardio would be the best option. Do them after your weights workout for more efficiency, and make sure you keep it challenging.

    HIIT rocks, but I have better luck being consistent on the stairmaster. It's less subjective programming in for predetermined times/intensities on a machine. It just sucks being indoors!
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  5. Heavy lifting and doing 4x HIIT a week. Larger muscles more fat burned.
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