Bicep/forearm tendon pain

  1. Bicep/forearm tendon pain


    So I have got into lifting weights but not lifting heavy..
    I am currently doing 6 kg to start out and My problem is this. After about 15 reps, I don't seem to feel my left bicep muscle getting worked when I am doing curls, instead I just get a pain in the tendon that is between the forearm and the bicep? I tried to continue but the more I lift with my left the more it hurts. Has anyone heard of this or have any idea what the problem could be??
    Thanks in advance

  2. Tendinitis, and it seems to happen a lot due to lagging forearms. Just take 2-3 weeks off from direct bicep work with barbells and work on your forearms and then you should be good to go. Hammer curls and reverse preacher curls (if they don't bother you) would be a good start.

    Edit: Said preacher curls instead of reverse preacher curls

  3. Does it hurt if you try to turn your wrist? For example, if you are trying to turn a door knob outward or inward? Is the pain located on the inside, top, or outside of your elbow area?

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