What Program

  1. What Program

    What program do you all think is best for size and adding a lot of strength?

    I usually do a split either 4 or 5 day. Something usually like Back Bis, Chest Tris, Legs, and Shoulders.

    My strength numbers are not as high as I would like them to be but I want to continue to add more size and weight while getting stronger. What program has worked best for all of you? Split? Full Body? 5x5? etc.

    My Stats
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 180
    Years Exp: 4
    Max Bench: 225
    Max Squat: 275x3 (Never did 1RM)
    Max Deadlift: 225x5 (Never did 1RM)
    Max Military Press: 145x5 (Never did 1RM)

  2. 5-3-1 gets my vote. Simple and effective as advertised.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Sinister View Post
    5-3-1 gets my vote. Simple and effective as advertised.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. Experiment with what works best for you. What works for me may not work for you, but give 5/3/1 or 5x5 a try and see if they bring your desired results.
    Be sur to visit my site at http://maxweights.blogspot.com/ (copy and paste)

  5. id try 5/3/1 to start

  6. Alright ill try that out first. Is there specific secondary exercises for it or do I make up my own?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Shoota
    Alright ill try that out first. Is there specific secondary exercises for it or do I make up my own?
    Make up your own. Don't do 3x10 or 8x5 say okay imgonna do my bench then I'm gonna do 36 reps for this exercise and 42 for this. Set yourself a number man

  8. either 5/3/1 or 5x5... you dont have to follow everything to the t but it gives a good baseline workout, you wont by disapointed

  9. I agree with this. Beginner or intermediate lifter, 5x5. You seem advanced enough for a 5-3-1 though. You could probably pick either, difference being 5x5 you squat 3 days a week, but add weight every week to your main lifts, so progression is faster if you have the capacity for it. 5-3-1 you progress slower, but if you have stalled and hit a wall that may be better for you.

    I usually tell people 5x5 is better if you are still progressing. 5-3-1 would be what I would tell someone to run after 5x5 gains have been exhausted.

  10. Thanks for all the input guys im gonna try out the 5/3/1 and see how that goes

  11. Definitely 5x5 bro. My body never really responded with true bodybuilding results until I utilized this concept. But never sacrifice form/mechanics for the sake of lifting heavy. Go heavy, keep form tight and precise, and reap the benefits. Once you get good at 5x5, you could even go for triples or doubles. Lifting heavy has always provided growth for me man. I recently ended a 3 month diet where I wasn't able to lift max poundage and am super excited to bulk and lift like a demon again!


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