I was recently at a high school a few months back and was talking with a friend of mine thats a physical ed teacher. I went to check out the weight room and there were a bunch of kids in there lifting and I looked around and was in shock. Not 1 single HS student in there new how to properly lift weights. They were all over the place with every exercise they were doing. So I decide to jump in and take 45 minutes out of my day to teach them how to train properly.

What I showed them first was technique and proper lifting methods using free weights. I used light weight and showed them how to focus and concentrate and correctly position there hands how to use straps, how to use the muscle you are training for example how to curl and not jerk the weight up to impress there friends using there back. The gym had an arm blaster in it but they didnt know how to use it and I always thought it was self explanatory but evidently it wasn't. I quickly showed them how simple that was and used a pole in the schools gym and took a kid and tied straps around him under his arms and around the pole and had him use the E-Z curl bar to do some curls with the weight he would usually do 10 reps with he made it to 4.5 and I had to take it from him. It showed all the other kids that jerking there backs not only could injure them but also was taking away from the benefits of growing and getting stronger the correct way.

I also taught them to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Now I thought this was pretty easy to learn but it wasnt. when These kids were doing bench presses they would breathe in but not exhale. It took a good 15-20 minutes to teach them to breathe while they were training. Some of them looked like there faces were about to explode.

I am a big proponent of DB presses for beginners so they can learn control and this is a private school with a gym better then most of the gyms out there lol. They had everything right there at there disposal and most of the kids play football hockey or lacrosse. Not too many basketball or baseball players . Anyhow, I just wanted to say getting the opportunity to work with HS student and teach them howe to train was quite an experience and I really see the benefits much more then I did of being properly trained after working with them and teaching them for a little bit. I also told them before I left they should all get on there computers when they get home and research all they can about eating properly when they are lifting weights and trying to get big is how I put it to them. Thanks to all of you that read this. respectfully,Wake