Weight loss

  1. Weight loss

    Looking for good ways to burn stuburn fat on lower abs please help !

  2. The only advice I could give you, is to continue doing cardio, lifting weights, and eating healthy.

    It's impossible to figure out were your gonna lose weight next. If you think training your lower abs will help you loss weight in that specific spot, well think again, it will only strengthen them.

    And by the way (I'm not trying to bring your hopes down but) losing weight that's located in and around the midsection, is the hardest weight to lose.
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  3. Their is solid evidence that Yohimbine hcl can help burn stubborn fat in the lower belly and low back,
    However you already need to be lean. The dosage is in the 15 to 20 mg range.
    Remember it won't be effective unless you already have a strong diet and training routine.
    Good luck.

  4. excessive blood sugar leads to an increase in insulin which stores that excessive blood sugar as bodyfat. carbs, especially refined ones increase blood sugar the fastest and therefore the highest. the only time you want to do this is post workout. so avoid carbs except for post workout.

    to make sure you are getting enough food dramatically increase your fat intake. one of my training partners is eating upwards of 60% of his calories from fat and he is shedding bodyfat quite well and getting stronger. it was rough the first month for him as his body was so used to using carbs. now that it is used to using fat as fuel is feeling great. he says he is no longer lethargic in the afternoons as well.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

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