getting frustrated need motivation

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  1. getting frustrated need motivation

    I got up to 207 this winter sporting a 37 to 38" waist while bulking. Im now sitting at 175 lbs 5'8" 31.5" waist and still cant see the full 6 pack unless under awesome lighting. Ive been on leangains and have been cutting for 3 months but im losing motivation i want to get ripped but how much more weight do i have to drop my face is sunk in and i just look flat and its harder and harder to get a pump

  2. this wont help 100%, but youtube "motivational" and watch 2,3,10 videos. i do everynight

  3. Yea i use to do that and strangely enough rap motivates me even though i hate rap music but i love lifting to it. I just want someone that is around 5'8" and jacked to post a pic lol i think if i drop 10 lbs ill be where i want to be but 165 is girl weight in my mind so its depressing

  4. im 5ft 8in, but at 190lbs i am no where near stastified with my weight or size. i think that is what motivates me to continue. I dont think I ever be, rarely someone is or should be completely stastidied with their body. Whats mire stastifying at the top, the fact your physicaly at the top or the journey you made

  5. crunches are not bad..

  6. Have you had a body comp test done? Do you train your abs with weights or just BW?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TheBoyness View Post
    Pasamoto: crunches are not ideal. Any spine/ back physician will tell you that bending your spine in that fashion will likely cause complications later on. Also, it is well known that crunches are not a highly effective core exercise.
    You're saying that abdominal flexion is going to cause complications?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  8. Quote Originally Posted by TheBoyness View Post
    A crunch motion, or any motion where your spine is being pulled or extended, is potentially harmful on your spine. I can list plenty of lower flexion core exercises to no flexion where your core is being engaged more completely and effectively than the crunch. I mean if you think the flexing of your spine is good then you must be saying that rounding your back during a deadlift and squat is good for your back. Its just completely contradictory to healthy and proper form. And yes, i have been personally told through physicians that it is not optimal. Im sorry icant provide you with a source right now
    What kind of crunches are you doing that cause the spine to extend? Where did I say rounding the lumbar was a good idea? Abdominal flexion is primarily in the thoracic spine, not the lumbar. Crunches in and of themselves are not bad, but people tend to jerk on their neck throughout the movement, which is not optimal technique. Like any other exercise, doing them improperly has the potential to cause problems, but to say unequivocally that crunches are bad for you is a lie.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  9. Quote Originally Posted by TheBoyness View Post
    I do agree with you. There is no dispute there. But i would disagree with claiming that crunches are good. If you want results, i would steer clear of them. As a matter Of fact, i, and many of my lifting partners have seen more significant gains and strength improvement in their cores by avoiding crunches. Realistically, the crunch is a fundamental movement but you are robbing yourself of gains and imrovements by providing your abs with simple crunches. The only crunch i would ever recommend would be the oblique crunch. Even that can be triumphed by restistance ball "crunches" and hanging side leg lifts

    You're obviously limiting yourself to thinking that crunches are only ground based.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  10. Quote Originally Posted by TheBoyness View Post
    Absolutely not. Cable crunches where your spine is flat are great. Many bodybuilders apply that. Cable rope crunches on incline bench. Crunches on decline bench. List goes on. For future reference, avoid ambiguity in merely stating crunches
    Don't assume that I'm speaking merely about ground-based crunches. BTW, you need spinal FLEXION to really hit the core. If you do not move towards the mid-line (like you're saying not to do), then you're shifting emphasis. You act like the spine is a delicate little flower and you have to have a flat back at all times.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  11. Quote Originally Posted by TheBoyness View Post
    I actually do see the spine that way as back injuries are all too common. Many physicians recommond the ab wheel as its a moving plank and incorporates your whole core. Resistance ball crunches are low flexion and are a top core exercise. Hanging leg raises require you to stabilize your entire core and body with minimal flexion. Floor wipers are flexion but low flexion and you stabilize your whole core. I think youre missing the fact that your entire core can be incorporate without simply crunching it. That is a common misconception
    Back injuries happen because people have ****ty technique and don't train it enough. The spine is not brittle at all. If it was, then you wouldn't see people squatting 1100+ lbs. Rounding the lumbar and hyperflexion is a result of someone being a moron and not doing an exercise correctly. Did I say that you needed to do crunches to engage the whole core? No. You're putting words into my mouth again.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  12. Quote Originally Posted by TheBoyness View Post
    "you really need spinal flexion to hit the core". Ok so crunches and what else please? When did i put words in your mouth the first time?
    Did I say that crunches are the only thing that achieve this? No, I was speaking against your statement that you need a flat back while doing them.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  13. Quote Originally Posted by TheBoyness View Post
    In sorry but i dont really see how my argument was weakened by what you said
    Flat bacl=no spinal flexion=lowered abdominal activation and emphasis.

    If you want to play exercise scientists, get your facts straight.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  14. Quote Originally Posted by TheBoyness View Post
    Haha you provided no facts. Or any good advice. As a matter of fact. Youre claiming you know better than a back and spine physician. Youre the very last person i would rely on
    Yeah, exercise physiologists don't understand forces on the body or how to strengthen certain areas on the body at all...
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  15. Abs are made in the kitchen

  16. Quote Originally Posted by TheBoyness View Post
    Much less than a licensed physician who specializes in that particular region of the body
    That spends years in the gym learning the craft of lifting and how to properly implement lifts to strengthen weaknesses in the kinetic chain. Wait...they don't.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  17. i know the author is not a doctor at all. i do like what he says about training abz.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  18. To be honest i havent hit abs directly in ages i use to do alot of planks decline situps and cable crunches but i havent done it in so long because i had been under the impression that compound lifts stimulated the abs enough however what do u recomend

  19. Quote Originally Posted by live to lift View Post
    To be honest i havent hit abs directly in ages i use to do alot of planks decline situps and cable crunches but i havent done it in so long because i had been under the impression that compound lifts stimulated the abs enough however what do u recomend
    That's a common misconception. I do them at least 2x/week with my selections being ab wheel, full hanging leg raises, standing cable crunches, and trunk rotations.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  20. Tody i did legs and abs for abs i did decline situps with med ball cable rope crunches and hanging leg raises anyone have a good motivational playlist to listen too to get in the zone

  21. The core musculature has a handful of functions. Training it with the compound lifts alone doesn't include half of the functions you experience in sport or life, in general. It's also not an ideal strategy for hypertrophy, obviously.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by TheBoyness

    The last part of your statement is extremely false. The compound lifts do not stimulate your core enough. Everyone has their own theories, but the reality is you need to treat each muscle group the same ( in respects to direct training). Your core and legs are the most valuable as all weight you hold runs through them.
    Heres a list of some great core exercises (im sure others will add to the list):
    - hanging leg raises
    - resistance ball crunches (chest and head to the sky, work crunching both sides then down middle)
    - ab wheel
    - rockers (the ONLY full flexion exercise id consider doing. Google them).
    - floor wipers (google them)
    - oblique crunches (safe)
    - incline bench cable situp (spine is straight)
    - variations of planks
    - dragon flags (extreme strength builder. These are very difficult. Only do these when your abs are pretty strong and stable).
    - decline bench oblique crunches ( keep spine straight head and chest up)
    - windshield wipers (like dragon flags, only when your core has become very powerful)
    - woodchoppers (cables or kettlebell)
    -gorilla swings (any variation, a great MMA style core builder)

    I hope these help with results. Be patient. Focus heavily onform and remember to move at a CONTROLLED pace. The negatives should be slow and resistant. I guarantee you will notice changes. And any body, please feel free to add to that list.
    Thanks bro

  23. Quote Originally Posted by TheBoyness

    If you like rap, download Fabolous : There is No Competition 2 mixtape
    Sweet ill look into it i hate rap but love working out to it

  24. Lick it- kaskade and skrillex..that's what I start off with, and then close to the end I go with til I collapse by eminem


    ^ If this won't help, I can't help you haha

    Gets me pumped on days when I wake up tired.
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.


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