Conjugate Method for Raw Lifters

  1. Conjugate Method for Raw Lifters

    Well, I've read almost all of Westside Barbell Book of Methods (I'm on the part after GPP, preparing for a contest?). I am pretty happy to have finally read this thing.

    My main qualm with what I read is that just about nobody who is an elite raw lifter uses the dynamic method template as-is. I say this from following some of the logs on EliteFTS, from info passed down from a real life friend of mine who is a world record holder in the squat, and from reading lots of articles on T-nation, EFS, and elsewhere. The most common difference I see is way ramped up intensities for DE work for raw lifters compaired to geared lifters.

    So two questions. Did I misunderstand the book or read over something, or does the book only pertain to raw lifters (at least in terms of its suggestions for DE work)? IF so, what are some good sources that dissect the conjugate method as it pertains to raw lifters?

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  3. the book should be a guideline. it is also just plain hard to follow. think of it as the bible. it has stories that are a great guideline but you will never get it unless someone explains it to you correctly.
    that link will help explain how to implement westside training.

    read up more on yuri.

    here is his site:
    that guy is the father of the conjugate method IMO.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  4. Thanks a bunch, asoon. Was thinking about going ahead and just pming you, haha. Anyways I'll definitely take a look.

    And I dont mean to bash the book or Louie, it just is what it is, right? The method is definitely there, just wondered how best to apply it to me.

  5. that book is real hard. i read it and was more confused then anything. then i found that thread on tnation and it all started to make sense. now i bet if i read it it would make great sense and i would learn a lot. its like its written in a foreign language and i had to learn that first.

    here are somethings i learned from westside so far:

    -there are 3 main types of lifting, ME, DE and RE day. all are important or you wont get optimal results.
    -RE days should be done on ME and DE days and you can have additional RE days outside of ME/DE days.

    -ME day should be 45-70% of total volume of DE day, the total you aim for depends on the phase you are in.
    -ME day should not use the main lift except for final meet prep work. it should be a variant that directly improves the main lift. the more lifts you have to use the better. variants can be just adding chains or bands as well as specialty bars. these variants should focus on strengthening a weak link in your lift which means it may change over time.
    -a great way to decide which variant to use is which one do you suck the most at. be honest.
    -ME days are not always just going for a new single. it depends on what phase you are in. you can go for doubles, triples, or even sets of 5 as a new max. the idea of ME is to learn to strain, not to set a new max. although setting a new max is a nice way to see progress. just keep in mind you are not 100% everyday.
    -use chains and bands on ME days mainly on singles and doubles during the short phase that has you using them

    -DE lifts should be close to if not the exact lift you want to improve. think of it as skill work, greasing the groove.
    -this should be done first and stop when speed declines
    -you need to find the percentage that work best for your speed needs. for squats i do 40-60%, for bench i do 55-75%. upper body is generally done with higher percentages and the newer you are the higher the percentages as well. i have used as little as 30% on squats and as much as 80% on bench.
    -waving percentages helps. in other words increase the percentage each week. say you start with 40%, go to 45% next week then 50% the next week.
    -lower body do singles or preferable doubles. upper do doubles or preferably triples. keep the work under 3 seconds. this does not include time spent on the box during box squats.
    -DE is all about producing the greatest force possible with the greatest acceleration. remember, F=MA. so increase A as much as possible to match the F you use during ME days.

    -RE is meant to bring up weak links, it is not extra volume. you do less RE work for strong areas.
    -the exact reps/sets you use depends on what you need, what works for that body part, and the phase you are in
    -on extra days that are RE based keep the percentages low like 20-40%. this can be seen as active recovery or conditioning for certain body parts. do 50-100 reps of these movements on these days

    -phases are accumulation, intensification, and transformation

    -the accumulation phase do much more volume, much less rest, and lower percentages and RE days are more general and not specific to a muscle. it is meant to increase muscle mass and conditioning.
    -this can last 2-8 weeks, may not need a deload.

    -the intensification phase has very percentages and long rest. RE wok is very specific to weak links. keep it short and heavy as well. it can last 1-4 weeks. probably need a deload afterwards.

    -the transformation phase is meet prep work or skill work. i think of it as a taper more so then a deload although work load and percentages are like a deload.

    there is a lot more to it all. hopefully this is enough to get people started. the links i put above explain things in much more detail as well.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by asooneyeonig View Post
    that link will help explain how to implement westside training.
    When I first opened this yesterday, I saw the thread was 2 pages long and thought "well, this will be a breeeze." Now I see this is going to take a while, haha.


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