Body Fat contest at work

  1. Body Fat contest at work

    I need some advice... We are starting a Body Fat contest at work, and I had some questions about carbs. When should I eat them? How much of my diet should they consist of?

    I am planning on running a few miles a few days a week, and then doing some work at the gym the other few days. Any suggestions or tips would be much appreciated!
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  2. Repost this in the nutrition forum and you might actually get some feedback bud.
    Training log:

  3. flip a coin on the carbs. When you eat them isn't all that important, some research shows later in the day being beneficial for fat loss. How much of your diet should be carbs is fairly individual, overall limiting the amount of carbs though seems to be more useful for fat loss. Most people function fine at moderately low levels of carbs. Really the carb sources are probably the most important part though. minimally processed whole food sources are best - fruits, beans, potatoes, etc

  4. Ack! Make sure you are eating enough! If you really are a female at 5'9" and 115 lbs, you have to be mighty gaunt... As for macronutrient breakdown, I think most people will do fairly well on a diet where 40% of your cals are from protein, 30% from fats, and 30% from carbs.

  5. you will get lots of varied advice here so it may be hard to know what will work.

    i do know this, when blood sugar is high insulin increases. insulin pushed the excess blood sugar into cells for fuel and stores extra as body fat. as long as this process is going on you cannot use body fat as fuel.

    so it is my opinion that you need to keep blood sugar low. and the marconutrient that pushes it up the highest is carbs, especially refined carbs.

    the last few years i have been reading more on carb cycling and its variations. it seems to hold some good promise. the diets i feel that do carb cycling or at least minimizing carbs are the paleo diet, carb backloading, and intermittent fasting. these are not the norm diet that people use to get money and are only good for a short term fix. these diets IMO are great for a lifestyle change that lasts a lifetime.

    now to keep carbs low and to get in enough food you will have to up your fat intake considerably. and by that i would be afraid to push it upwards of 40-60% of your daily intake. maybe even as much as 80-90% of the intake of 1 meal/snack. and speaking of snacks and meals i am personally not a fan at all of 6+ meals a day. all those small meals can have a similar, if not lower, effect on blood sugar levels. in that they can stay high and due to you eating multiple times it will keep being pushed up. an article was written recently by the lead editor on about hoe many meals a day. he claimed to have little science and he is a guy that likes his research. he goes on to show some convincing evidence using the research from intermittent fasting and carb backloading.
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  6. Are you analyzing it was a bio-impedence machine (one of those hand-held body fat analyzers)?

    If so, you can pack your GI tract full of dense fatty food and come in with a BF% quite higher then it actually is. Then, on the testing day, you can fast, workout a little, and stay well hydrated and see it come in way lower than it actually is.

    Case closed without losing any un-needed weight (see 5'9 115 lbs).



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