Week to Week Training & Calorie Cycling

  1. Week to Week Training & Calorie Cycling

    Been training for a yr now, 5ft 11" 200lbs, just looking to change my routine up a little and experiment with calorie cycling to see how my body responds. wondering what guys would think of a bulk low rep cycle one week, followed by a cut higher rep cycle the next? repeating

    bulk would be +500cals and 5 reps pers set
    cut would be -500cals low carb and 10 reps per set

    could this shock my body into some new growth and better defintion? or is there any other cycling methods ye'd recommend? diet is good and protein is always circa 200g

    thanks in advance

  2. I don't buy into the rep ranges for bulking or cutting.

    calorie/carb cycling will help you to recomp over time, though.

  3. cool thanks

  4. Quote Originally Posted by paddywiggum
    cool thanks
    I'll let you decide for yourself regarding the training.

    but if you're mesomorphic or endomorphic, check out carb/calorie cycling approaches.

  5. will do, im more ectomorph i would say, find it very difficult to gain any muscle mass unless diet is ultra strict so thats why thinking the cycling route and shocking the body might lead to more progress

  6. maybe try lowering volume and upping the intensity.

  7. yes i think ive struggled with intensity, have used stopwatch last couple of weeks to keep rests consistent and i can feel the difference, cheers


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