My issue, advice welcome!

  1. I expirenced pain in my lowerback a couple months ago, so i did the proper steps by avoiding the workout that caused it pain, heat/ice and streching. The pain is nonexistance but i went to get a physical yesterday and my doctor said the left side of my lowerback is way more define and musclar and that might cause pain in the right side ( where the pain was). so what workouts can i do that will strengthen the right side of my lowerback but at most minimally effect the left.

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  3. Sub'd for an educated answer. I imagine it's fairly hard to work only one side of the erectors/posterior chain.
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

  4. Given that you hurt your back and that there is a big misbalance in muscle tone, I would suggest getting it checked out by a specialist. My guess might be some form of spinal impingement due to an inflamed or damaged disk on the right side. Might want to run this by scottydoc or the other new guy (who's name escapes me) with some education in chiropractic/spine issues.


  5. but the thing is when it hurt it was almost on my side far away from my spine as possible

  6. Quote Originally Posted by benmayro View Post
    but the thing is when it hurt it was almost on my side far away from my spine as possible
    You may still have caused spinal nerve damage specifically the lumbar dorsal ramus on your right side which innervates the erector spinae among other muscles. Due to this damage you will have a decreased potential for muscle contraction during exercise. The innervating motor units have most likely decreased, if in fact there is damage to this nerve. This in turn will lead to your imbalance. From there the imbalance will then further your problems throwing off your biomechanics and leading to the pain which you are experiencing, which could be a number of things. I am not a doctor and this is not a diagnosis just my two cents based off of what you are saying. If any others who have more experience with chiropractic or neurology want to chime in to clear things up as my knowledge comes from a background in exercise physiology and kinesiology. Wish you the best and hope for a full recovery!

    Edit: Could definitely benefit from seeing a specialist if possible


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