Getting Weaker

  1. Getting Weaker

    Hey guys i'm trying to lose some weight but everytime i hit the weights i feel like i'm getting weaker from week to week. I used to lift quite a bit until i injured my shoulder and stopped, and gained a ton of weight. Now i'm eating around 1700 calories and training but every week i feel like i'm getting weaker and its frustrating because i cant get back to lifting the weight i used to lift. Anyone know what could be going on? A couple years ago i did a 1500 calorie diet for a couple months and my strength kept going higher and higher but this time its different.

  2. I can't imagine 1700 calories at 6'3" is a healthy training intake. You may have been successful at 1500 previously, but things can change dramatically as circumstances are altered. I imagine upping the intake a bit would at least put you in a positive direction.

  3. Are you getting weaker, or just feel like you are? e.g. are you lifting the same weight for the same reps & sets as before? or have you dropped?

    Also ,how long did you stop for after your injury?

  4. I just feel like i'm getting weaker, Same reps and sets as before. I'm just frustrated is all i guess. I dont expect to make huge gains with the calorie deficit but i was hoping to make some baby steps.

    There was one day last week where i lifted half of what i could do but this week my strength seems to have come back.

    Oh its been over a year and a half since i've trained.

  5. How long have you been lifting maybe you need a deload week
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  6. Its been about a month and a half now since i've started lifting again.

  7. I'd say up your calories a bit...more carbs pre workout like an hour and a half before and if it still sucks try a deload week
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  8. Thanks for the tips.

  9. Considering your 6;3" and weigh 0lbs, Id say eat more.

    Just as a reality check, and I mean this in a nice way, muscles have a huge ability to be able to adapt to the amount of stress you place on them, hence why they hypertrophy or atrohpy depending on how much they are used. For example, many people here place huge amounts of repetitive stress on their muscles and hence, they grow. While a bedridden persons muscles will atrophy over time as there is no stress being placed on their muscles (their bones may also demineralize etc.). You cant expect to lift as heavy as you were before your injury if you havent trained in a year and a half. Give it time and you'll be right back up there.

    And you wont make size gains with a calorie deficit, however you can still make strength gains. Just keep going, make sure your diet is in check and you'll make progress.


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