Leg conundrum

  1. Leg conundrum

    So for anyone who has followed my logs before, you know my legs are insane. I can go from squatting 135 to squatting 405 in a month or two usually. My quads were 26" last time I measured them, and calves 16".

    When I left for Iraq a few years back I wore Small Regular Uniforms and weighed 140lbs. When I came home I was bulging out of my top and bottom. I moved to medium pants (34" waist or so) and large tops. My waist has gone from 32 to fitting the mediums snugly.

    I am going to start a rigorous runnign routine tomorrow to thin my waist, but I am still going to be working my legs in the gym as well.

    How the hell do I thin my quads out?

    This time next year I plan on bulging out of my large top, but I really would like to have small bottoms again, a large pant now fits my legs good, but my waist wont fit at all, and I dont want my body conforming to my pants again like it did with the medium pants!

    HELP please.

    PS I realize this is an odd request, however I don't need to be lifting 201398 pounds with my legs, I would rather be able to run fast and fit into pants that my wasit fits. People look stupid when they have to fold the fly over to belt their pants up

  2. I have the same issue. The problem isn't you, it's everyone else. If you want to be a stick figure like the average man, then quit lifting weights and diet yourself down. If you want to be strong then you'll just have to get used to the idea that your shape isn't going to be the same as everyone else's.

    The last time I went shopping for jeans the shop girl gave me 38" waist pants to try on. Needless to say that did not fly as I only have a 34" waist, however, I also have 26" legs. Eventually I settled on Wrangler 5 Star jeans with a 36" waist. I have to fold them over a bit but it's not too bad. If you shop around you'll find something reasonable. I realise that doesn't help with the uniform but then again it's not supposed to be fashionable right?

    I would also note that I have to shop carefully for t-shirts, most of the sleeves do not fit well. I've yet to hear anyone complaining that their arms were too big! But that's how it goes; if you want big arms then your legs also have to be big. A person can only get so asymetrical and honestly, I think it would look weirder than baggy pants.

  3. Yeah, I only have an issue with shirts when working out honestly, my chest and arms are way bigger than shirts, usually wear l or xl depending on brand, and all my workout shirts are mediums, should probably cut the sleeves off because they hike up into my armpits lol. Not a problem out and about because I dont pump my arms all the time at the mall.

    Figured there was nothing I could do, I'm blessed with the thunder thigh. Still going to see if I can't get my waist back down to 32

  4. I have this problem with my butt. I'm a rather small guy (175lbs) with a 30 inch waist but really big glutes.I have to buy a 32 in jeans (relaxed or loose fit) just to fit my ass in them, but then they feel funny moving around my waist.

  5. Its just a matter of finding the right brand that fits you wel, I HAD the same issue but after lots of trial and error i found a brand that caters to guys with thin waist and big ol booty's/thighs lol although i dont believe that was their intent. Don't hinder gains for the sake of clothing though

  6. The problem is not our legs. It's the fact that we are now living in a world where "skinny jeans" are popular. I raced BMX back in high school and my quads were bigger then than now, and I had no problem finding jeans that fit, of course that was 10 years ago. Damn hipster kids and their twig legs.


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