How to benchpress

  1. How to benchpress

    So my bench has always been embarassing to say the least tho my back is ridiculously strong for my size and the difference is starting to get to me. Most ive ever benched was 220 bb 1rm in highschool (wasnt training very long4 month and went from 135 to that in that timeframe) 25 now and recently can hit 245 3 times but..on smith machine cuz i dont have a spotter. My questions are about form. Now i know people say arch your back and others say u shouldnt i set up by planting my feet to the floor havin my heels inline with my pelvis and plant my tailbone and shoulderblades on the bench but im not sure if i should be pulling my shoulderblades together like if u were to flex ur traps and lats like an overhand pullup style or if i should keep my shoulderblades spread kinda like if u were flexing doing a lat spread and pulling your shoulders down. I feel like if i have my shoulderblades the first way i described im sticking my chest out and bringing my elbows past my back too much. If i do it the second way i feel much weaker and like im using all front delts. Which way is better how should i be setting up for flat bb benchpress?

  2. Google Tates so you think you can bench.

  3. Hey thanks bro those were really great videos and it answered my question fully, thanks again

  4. No problem at all.

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