Boxsquats and 5x5

  1. Boxsquats and 5x5

    I have a question about what weight i should use training legs., my current routine looks like this: run half mile for warm up, leg press 90x20 180x 15 270x15 360x 10, squat 155x5x5 and ham curls. I started this particular routine two weeks ago with squats at 135 going up ten lbs a week. After next week I want to substitute squats for box squats. If I just kept up with regular squats i would be doing five sets of five at 175. My question is what weight should i do box squats at assuming it would be easier, since its shorter range, to keep getting stronger?

  2. if done properly with legs extra wide and sitting with your hips so far back that your knees are above or even behind your feet it becomes heavily dominate on working the hamstrings and glutes. louie simmons calls box squats a standing leg curl even. due to the mechanical differences i would recommend starting with 80-90% of your squat max.

    but then i only do box squats right now for speed work and have only gone up to 60% of my squat max. i am also watching my regular squat climb every month after 3 months of doing box squats every 4th workout with 45-60% of my squat max. that is the only change i made since last year where my squat stayed stagnate nearly all year. i have already added more in 3 months then i did all last year.

    i would also drop the leg press as your warm up exercise and focus on warming up using squats and working using squats. if you want more for legs after that, especially after box squats, do some unilateral leg press or even some step ups or if you can belt squats or front squats.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  3. Thanks man solid advice i was already thinkin about dropping the leg press as warm up i feel like i could
    Squat more if i didnt leg press before hand and thats where its at. Ill continue raising up ten lbs a week and hit boxsquats and front squats as a change it up. How do you feel about running a fast half mile before leg workouts?

  4. to answer that question, how does it help you reach your goals? if it does not then there is no need for it.

    you can use that for any lift/movement, any number of sets and reps, what intensity and frequency you want to use. just keep asking, does it help you reach your goal. and it is ok to ask for help on answering that.

    i would say if increasing work capacity is your goal, then yes. if you want to up your squats more, then no it it not a good idea. there are other ways to answer that but i hope you get the idea now.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.


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