Training fatigue and Mono

  1. Training fatigue and Mono

    So I was diagnosed with mono about 4 months ago and I let it run it's course. My doctor said I could resume training after 8 weeks so about a month ago I resumed training. I noticed I would get through my first couple sets and extreme muscle fatigue would hit as if I had been working out for an hour already. This problem has been ongoing although slowly getting better but I was just wondering if anyone has encountered the same problems before and has any thoughts.

  2. If you've been out of the gym for 8 weeks you can't expect to go back in and workout like you did before you stopped. If it's getting better I would say that you're getting into better shape and you just need to stick to it. Eat more healthy food. If you haven't caught up in another month, then you might have something unusual going on.

    I got mono about a year ago, and it probably took a month or so for me to get back to where I was before I was laid up. Mono is not fun.
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

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