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  1. yah i'd bet you could find a secondhand canon or kodak 3mp for $150
    there's one!!!

    as far as your mediacards go; I'd either find a special at Bestbuy for a 256meg or order one from tigerdirect; they usually have the best prices for accessories

  2. Awesome, thanks for the cam tips, I'll check it out.

    One more day to end of week 2, I'll post new weight tomorrow.

  3. End of week 2.
    * Weight 172 lbs (after morning nature call)
    * After consulting with Bobo I've re-arranged my workput plan to give my arms a little more recovery time.

    Overall I feel great! Now I must be off to cook rice for the week then grocery shopping.

  4. ... this is not a good week, everyone I work with has some kind of cold and now I'm feeling run down... I better not get sick !

  5. Quote Originally Posted by silverSurfer
    ... this is not a good week, everyone I work with has some kind of cold and now I'm feeling run down... I better not get sick !
    Vitamin C and pseudoephedrine time.

  6. ... yup, last few days I've been waking up with a massive sinus headache, mild cough and runny nose. Today is really bad.

  7. Throw a wicked sore throat in there and no voice and welcome to my world....

    although some would say me not having a voice is a good thing...
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  8. HISTA-VENT to the rescue, I feel much better now !
    Diet was not good the last few days... I'll be posting new weight tomorrow morning.

  9. End of week 3.
    * Weight 172 lbs (after morning nature call) . I'm down 1 pound... last week kind of sucked, missed some meals because of this sinus/cold bug... oh well, such is life. On the plus side I think my midsection is firming up more, looks like I lost a little more fat which is AWESOME ! I'm not ripped or anything like that, but I can see and feel the difference.
    * Overall feeling better now thanks to HISTA-VENT, week 4 here I come !

  10. ... not feeling as good as I was three days ago. I may have to see the doctor and possibly take a few days off. This is the part I dislike the most about winter.

  11. Do so then. When I get sick, I say the hell with everything.

    I took a week off training and just started back yesterday (and FEELING IT TODAY!)

    Its better to be patient and just wait it out then try to force it.
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  12. i usually take the following when i feel like that:
    1G of vitaminC every hour(acorbic acid)(until my stomache cant take it any more than back off a bit)
    **** load of garlic(raw and pills)
    echinacia(spelling sucks)
    more water than usual

    i can usually kick it much faster if i do this unless it is bacterial - then you need meds.

  13. Just take some time off to get better, you make think youre toughing it by hitting the gym when youre sick but all you really do is weaken your immune system and spread your germs around to other people. Let your body heal and then get back to thrashing it.

  14. Oh yeah by the way I decided to bulk at a higher percentage bodyfat as well, nothing wrong with that. Good luck.

  15. Yeah, winter can be tough. I had to take a few unscheduled days off, too. I took about 2 or 3 days off, and came back when I started feeling a little better. Worked like a charm and I didn't end up getting sick

    I hope everything works out well for you. Stay healthy!!

  16. Feeling better now. It was a strange week, my meds kicked in and was feeling great, but I suddenly "crashed" and felt all achy and sick. Needless to say I have not been to the gym and have done some lifting from home but nothing like last week.

  17. End of week 4.
    * Weight 170 lbs (after morning nature call) , I'm down 2 pounds...
    * This sinus thing messed me up but I'm feeling better now. I took a couple of consecutive days off and that helped a lot. One of those days was an arm day so I did both bis and tris after my two day rest and WOW, THAT WAS A CRAZY WORKOUT !!! I was so tired that I slept like a baby that night hehe.
    * So far I feel like my body is going through some sort of recomposition stage. My weight has fluctuated by 3 pounds and I'm back at the same weight where I started 4 weeks ago, however I don't look or feel as "flabby". The pics I took last week may look crappy but they are a significant improvement compared to day 0.
    * Week 5 here I come - WHERE'S THE TURKEY ?!?!?!?! hehe jk

  18. ... today is turkey (Thanksgiving) day... my weakness during the holidays is yams - I LOVE YAMS !!!
    Anyway, my sinus condition has improved. Also, I've been gradually increasing my lifts since day 0 and I decided to take them to a new level this week... well, my upper body is fully sore in a painful sort of way, but it feels good

    I wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving !!!
  19. Thumbs up Tear it up!

    Just checked out your thread. I would say good luck, but we both know it has nothing to do with luck. Listen to Bobo and kick ass. I'll be following along from here on out.

    BTW, I too feel that "bulk or cut" is too simplistic. With sound training and nutrition;witch I'm sure Bobo has taken care of,Recomposition will happen. I did it;so can you.

  20. Thanks for the encouragement Lean One. I know I have a long road ahead of me and thanks to Bobo it is becoming more clear and enjoyable.

  21. It is a long road, but when you realise that it's possible to make continuous progress doing it right, it all becomes worthwhile. And the satisfaction of your achievments is better than any drug.

    Beats the hell out of the merry go round of "bulk/get fat, cut/loose your gains/repeat"

  22. End of week 5.
    * Weight 171 lbs (after morning nature call) , I'm up 1 pound...
    * I must have retained some water or something from Thursday; I ate a little bit of this & that and I'm sure the dressing, mashed potatoes, and gravy were salted. I weighed myself yesterday to get stats for my LeptiGen Mass test (which starts today) and was 172 lbs.
    * I have some acne on my chest and shoulders... not sure what that's about. It's been there all week and I'm not taking any extra supplements other than the basic multi vitamin/mineral and my CEE (workout days only)... I have that feeling I get at the beginning of a cycle where the body responds to the extra anabolic/androgenic compounds... If this is my body responding naturally to my meal and exercise plan then I may just have hit the "sweet spot" and I LIKE IT !!!
    * Week 6 and LeptiGen Mass testing here I come.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by silverSurfer
    If this is my body responding naturally to my meal and exercise plan then I may just have hit the "sweet spot" and I LIKE IT !!!
    Sounds like that to me. Ride the wave brother!

  24. I've missed some meals the last couple of days. We had some issues with our production servers and I had people in my office ALL THE TIME... I hate it when that happens... /sigh

  25. End of week 6.
    * Weight 171 lbs (after morning nature call) , same as last week
    * This past week totally sucked, bigtime... /sigh. Work related issues like there's no tomorrow, late nights, missed meals, etc. But at least my weight is holding, so that's good.
    * Week 7 and more LeptiGen Mass testing here I come.


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