bicycle track racing

  1. bicycle track racing

    hi all, so i've been lurking these forums for a little while now trying to build my knowledge base so i can be as productive a member as possible(which also includes my trying to not ask stupid or redundant questions).

    anyway, to my conundrum. i'm a bicycle racer who focuses on track sprinting. unlike most other forms of bicycle racing, being larger and stronger is more ideal in track sprinting. i've hit something of a plateau in my training and am looking to further "augment" my training regimen. i would like to find something oral and/or transdermal that can help with my muscle development maybe something along the lines of a testosterone booster as i'm not looking into anything anabolic right now. im also looking into fat burners so i can lean down on the fat side. i've been looking into clen and i also hear(read rather) that clen in concert with targeted fat burners like eviscerate work super well. my only hesitation in regards to this is what the advantages are from mixing the clen into the fat burner Vs. taking the clen orally while rubbing on the fat burner...or could i do both? i know i'm asking a lot here and from what i understand there isn't a whole cycling community on these boards but i've always believed that regardless of the amount of help, every little bit counts. so whatever info i can get would be greatly appreciated. especially in terms of the fat burner, it's like eviscerate is completely make believe so on the very likely chance that i can't find it on the internets are there any other comparable products that could be well used in the mentioned combination with clen. also, are there any suggested recovery aids that anyone would suggest?

    thank you in advance for all of your help,


  2. yeah, i'm going to go ahead and bump this.

  3. What is your current body fat at? And what is your training/nutrition like? Lets see what we can do to improve you naturally before you add in controlled fat burners that could disqualify you from racing.


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