Weak point Specialisation 2x per week

  1. Weak point Specialisation 2x per week

    Hey guys just wondering what you guys think/any suggestions for me.
    I want to do a 5 day split but focus on weak points twice a week, I was thinking 1 heavy and 1 light day.
    My weaknesses are Calves, Chest, tris, VMO (Teardrop muscle in quads) and hammies

    I was thinking of setting it up like this
    mon - chest heavy + tris light
    tues - quads heavy + hammies light
    wed - shoulders + back (I know probably not the norm but way ahead in development in comparison)
    thurs - off
    fri - tis heavy + bis + chest light
    sat - hammies heavy + quads light
    sun - off

    Also curious about volume say for a heavy day was thinking 12 sets (3-4 exercises ?) for heavy days lower reps (4-8) and
    6 sets (2exercises) for light days higher reps 10-15

    Also I've been training for 7 years 5'11 185lbs @ 8% so if you have advanced suggestions please more than welcome

  2. I'd split up your leg into front/back. I noticed marked improvement in my hamstring/calf development when I did this. Also, I'd familiarize myself a bit with time under tension variations if you haven't already, and make a point to incorporate those principles on a daily basis.

    Good luck!
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

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