How do i deload?

  1. How do i deload?

    Just don't feel it on somedays I feel extremely weak and tired I think it's that time of year again? How do I deload guys?

  2. In simple form cut back on amounts, frequency, intensity, etc. singularly or any combination there of. Think of it as weightliftings active recovery.

    There are a bunch of specific layouts to do it and all depends on preference or training style. The 5x5 program I do I cut back to 65% or so of my 1RM on my major lifts and tailor back intensity on my accessory lifts. Then the following week I begin my progression back upwards.
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  3. Some people just stop lifting for a week. Others just greatly lower intensity and volume.

  4. I deload 1 every 9 weeks or so. I try to use about 70% of the weight I was using across the board, but add in a little more volume. So if I'm DB pressing 100s for 3 sets of 12, I use 75 for 4 sets of 10. I do this with all of the exercises, but keep rest intervals under 90 seconds and try and develop my mind-muscle connection more than usual this week.

    Done properly, you can get a good workout, a good pump, and not poop yourself out as much as if you'd been going heavy. I almost always come back as strong or stronger than before the deload.
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