Good Mornings & GHR

  1. Good Mornings & GHR

    I'm looking for some advice,

    I strained my hipflexor (left side) while squatting and can not currently squat, i'm doing madcows so as you all know squatting is a must.
    Wondering if i could sub Goodmorning's & Glute Ham Raises instead while it heals to keep hamstring strength.

    I did those two today just to make sure they wouldn't aggravate it and i got zero pain.

  2. I consider GHRs more of a restorative lift, but GM could be subbed for awhile. Make sure to build up to them as the technique is very critical and don't be afraid to try different stances/bar position.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Trap bar deadlifts would be the closest you can get to a squat without actually squatting. I would use those if they cause you no pain.


  4. So you do not recommend doing GHRs? Thanks for the advice guys.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by taylorgains96 View Post
    So you do not recommend doing GHRs? Thanks for the advice guys.
    Why would you think that? They're a great assistance lift, but they cannot sub in for squats.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys




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