How to hit lower tricep

  1. How to hit lower tricep

    I want to focus on getting more mass on the lower head of the Tricep nEar the elbow what would be a good exercise to hit target it?

  2. i do a variant of single arm pull downs
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  3. close grip bench

  4. i try and do anything that extends the elbows. if i want mass i do more volume at a moderate weight. if i want more strength i do more low rep work.
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  5. I also do a variation of a single arm pushdown, youtube jason huh quarter rep single arm extensions. I love em as a finisher or use full range of motion and perform them early workout

  6. Its more of a cross body pushdown actually, not extentiom.

  7. Decline bench press seems to stress mine fairly well, especially with a closer grip.

  8. Try bench dips with your feet elevated up a little bit higher than your arms, hits lower trieps like crazy fo me. Can add some weight to your lap as well.

  9. Tate press
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  10. J-Presses do it for me. If you have a smith machine, do them after your chest day. Flat bench, narrow grip, only go about 2/3 of the way down to your chest and keep your elbows at a 45 degree angle away from your torso. If you keep your elbows there, and sort of push forward with your hands as you go up you get an insane contraction/burn down near the elbow. After a few weeks of these, my tricep bulged out almost like my bicep above the elbow! Good luck!

  11. Skull crushers... jm presses seem kinda crappy in comparison for triceps isolation. Especially in that particular section of the tricep.
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