Backpain from Deadlifting

  1. Backpain from Deadlifting

    Couple of months back, while warming up on deadlift, I got in position, grabbed the bar and pulled (smooth, not jerking it) but the bar did not move off the floor. I pulled again, and it felt as if the bar was bolted to the floor. I knew something I stopped right away. No pain, no nothing. Just the weight felt so heavy.

    The next day, I had major lower back problems where I could not support my weight if I leaned forward or tried to get up from leaning position. I got sharp pain in lower back, and sore/discomfort. I avoided any back or leg workout for couple of weeks till pain subsided, then went to my chiropractor. He noticed that I had swelling in my SI joins and pelvic tilt (side ways, one leg was longer than the other). He cracked my back, and pain subsided. After couple of sessions, I could bend over better with less comfort. He said I can go back to lifting fine.

    I started last week with light weight type rehab, deadlift with 95lbs and hyper extensions. Went well, some discomfort on the hyper extensions first session, none on second. then 135lbs last week and was fine as well. I was also able to do squats with no problem.Y

    esterday I upped it to 155lbs for 3 reps, then down to 95 for 5x10 in good form. Now the pain is back and I cannot support bending over beyond 20 degrees without back pain. I cannot lean over the sink to wash my face.

    I can squat fine, no pain, but I cannot support my weight leaning forward. I have to get in a squat position and stand up not to feel the pain. This will last for few more days based on my first experience.

    I'm thinking of going getting Xrays to see if something is messed up in my lower back, but I did not do so first time since the pain went away in a week.

    Any ideas/input from experienced guys?

  2. Are you an experienced lifter?

    Having good form on deadlifts and squats is critical... Back pain is inevitable it it's done incorrectly.

    Think of deadlift as a squat that starts from the ground. Always lift with your legs, not your back. And first move from the top and back down is the butt pushing back, not the top of the back rounding down.

    I would look up some videos on YouTube and double check your form. If you have good form and this happened for some other reason... Stop doing deadlifts. Not worth screwing up your back.

    I hope ya get better man. That sucks.
    Romans 8:38-39

    Save sorrow for the souls in doubt

  3. Been lifting on and off for years, never had problems squating or deadlifting until recently. The past few years hourever, I started having lower back problems. Big part of it is my posture and the way I sit (work from home), and age. The more I approach 40, the more I get injuries I never got before. I'm also less flexible than I used to be.

    As for the form, I went light on purpose to make sure my form is good. Back not rounded, weight is not heavy.

    But you're right. At my age, if deadlifting will give me these problems, it is not worth doing.

  4. Gutterpump might be able to provide you with some useful info. Hope he sees this thread soon.

  5. Man, it sounds like some sort of neural impingement. Perhaps you injured a disk, and are suffering from residual inflammation that is impinging one of the spinal nerves. I think some tests are certainly in order, and I would suggest staying away from the chiro until you get a diagnosis and some level of recovery.


  6. Sorry guys not ignoring the advice/feedback, just a lot going on right now.

    The pain I was experiencing across the lower back is mainly gone, but I still feel pinched nerve right around the left SI joint. It doesn't matter which leg I stand on and lean forward, left side has this dull pain still. It is about an inch left of the spine.

    I am planning on scheduling a visit to sports merdicine clinic that treats the NBA Spurs team as they are more familiar with the mechanics than regular doctors, but they usually very busy.

    Meanwhile, I stopped deadlifting of course. I still do DB rows fine. I'm debating not squating for few weeks either.

  7. sounds like it could be a disk bro, keep us informed after you see the doc

    good luck...

  8. reading about the symptoms, it sounds like a disc issue. We'll see what the doc will say.


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