Tips for dialing my legs in

  1. Tips for dialing my legs in

    I was recently in my first bodybuilding contest and I placed forth in the novice class. I received good reviews, but the consensus was that my legs are big, but I need to get them defined. I'm open to all tips on getting them to where they need to be. I've attached pics.
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  2. Based on the pictures, it looks like you are holding water everywhere. I think if you tweak water and salt intakes, as well as the carb load that you can achieve a leaner/drier look.

    Also, make sure you don't do any leg work at least 2-3 days out from the show. Finally, taking an ice bath the night or morning of the show, as well as spending time laying with your legs slightly elevated will work to draw the fluid out of your legs and reveal more separation between the muscle heads.

    As for long term, this is entirely anecdotal based on my own experience, but I noticed greater definition and separation in my legs when I began sprinting and incorporating more closed kinetic chain unilateral work into my program.


  3. Thanks! I've actually just added sprints into my routine for the reason of adding definition. This was my first show and I was basically doing my contest prep on my own and it was a lot of trial and error. I really appreciate your feedback!

  4. My legs got more defined with higher reps 15-25 and with some supersetting. My 2cents

  5. Should I incorporate those higher reps with the sprints also? Would that be overdoing it?



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